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Please note that my art is not for personal use other than myself or whoever I specify. They're not to be used as bases or edited to make them look different then used by others. This also includes using an image of one of my characters and changing back story and/or personality for someone else's use.

None of my characters, nor the ones I draw for others, are adoptables. If I find someone using them as such they will be warned and reported. If you see someone trying to pass my art off as this then please alert me immediately.

If I find anyone using my artwork as their own without permission and without giving me credit then I will report them.

If you want to use one of my pictures for anything please note me and ask. Whether I say yes or not will depend on what you want it to be used for.




TeniPuri Chibi March by Fire-Girl872
TeniPuri Chibi March
So for those of you that may or may not remember, I made This: PoT Fanart- Top 3 by Fire-Girl872 about 4 years ago. Since then I've gone through Prince of Tennis a lot, whether it be reading the manga, re-watching the anime, or playing the many games. I recently finally got around to reading the "New Prince of Tennis" manga. So, what better way to celebrate then to draw my top ten favorite characters as Chibis? None! There isn't!

Four years has given me a lot of time to think over my favorites and some changes have occurred in the ranks because of it! Seems like my top ten was pretty heavily dominated by Rikkaidai this time around. Can't be helped those guys are awesome! So lets take a quick look at these fun characters! Hold on to your hats folks, this one is gonna be LOOONG.


#1 Kirihara Akaya

Woahh! Looks like Eiji's #1 spot has finally been stolen from him! Akaya always said he wanted to be #1, but I don't think this is what he had in mind!

"Heheh, I told you I'd be #1 someday!"

Akaya is a 2nd year Ace regular at Rikkaidai. He is most famous for his 'knuckle serve' which is very similar to Ryoma's twist serve and his 'red eyes' when he becomes angry or his pride is severely hurt the white of his eyes turns red and his skills increase substantially. He also has a “devil Mode” which is brought about by extreme circumstances. It greatly increases his abilities, but causes him to temporarily lose his mind.

Despite his reputation for being a cruel and dangerous person, outside the tennis courts he is actually rather friendly and silly. Often being the first person to get into trouble even if not on purpose. He's easily tricked and is often the center of many misunderstandings. He can also be fairly lazy and is quite spoiled, but is usually kept in line by his Vice Captain. He is easy to provoke and will not hesitate to retaliate against threats or snarky remarks made towards him.


#2 Kikumaru Eiji

Well, at least Eiji still seems pretty happy even though his spot was taken!

"It's fine! I'll catch up in no time, Nya~"

Eiji is a 3rd year regular at Seigaku, known for his acrobatic tennis style and his cat like reflexes. He's one half of Seigaku's Golden pair. He's very happy go lucky and tends to be very good at spreading around his happy attitude, especially during doubles matches.

He's very silly but also sweet. Has a fun way of speaking (he says 'nya' at the end of most sentences) and is a good influence on others. He loves being the center of attention and dislikes unresponsive people. He also tends to enjoy getting into mischief but is easy to tease because of his naive nature. He's fairly dense about the feelings of others and will occasionally upset people without meaning to. He is usually very apologetic about this though, as he doesn't like people being angry at him.


#3 Hirakoba Rin

What an upset! This pretty boy swooped in out of no where and stole the 3rd spot from Shinji! Maan, look at that perfect hair though... Woooow.

"How do you like me now, Eh? Just no goya please!"

Rin is a 3rd year regular at Higa Chuu. Like the rest of his team, he is able to do Shukuchihō. A martial arts based technique that gives the impression that they are able to approach the net in only one step from anywhere on the court. He, however, is best known for his signature move Giant Habu, a shot that curves around wildly like a snake after hitting the racket.

He, like the other members of his team, is quick to pick a fight, but is the only one who prefers fair play. He has a good sense of humor and tends to be a bit of a trouble maker. Often disobeying what his coach, or captain, tell him to do. This usually results in them threatening to force feed him Goya, a very bitter melon which is native to the area he lives. He absolutely hates the fruit however, and will avoid it at all costs if possible.


#4 Ibu Shinji

Poor Shinji! Got bumped down to 4th. He doesn't seem too happy about it either.... Erm... Shinji? (Looks like he mumbling to himself again)

"Right... of course, the pretty boy replaces me. It's not like I could do anything about that. Well, at least I beat Kamio... All that rhythm, rhythm stuff... ugghh... But what am I even doing here? Hm..."

 Shinji 2nd year regular at Fudomine, most noted for his ability to see the, "Spot". A numb point when a player is unable to move after taking to many alternating top spins and slices one after another. He also has use of the "Kick Serve" which is exactly like the Twist Serve, but with a different name.

A rather odd guy he tends to not show much in the way of facial expressions. He is very well known for being highly talkative, yet very quiet. This can often confuse people who don't know about him, what this means is he mumbles to himself ALOT, but always very quietly. He tends to be easily annoyed and depressed and sees most bad situations as chances for other people to blame him for things.


#5 Marui Bunta

Hopping into my number 5 spot is this pink haired rascal. Way too cute this one. And what's with that green gum?

"Genius-like, right?"

Bunta is a 3rd Year regular at Rikkaidai. He is a (self proclaimed) serve and volley genius. He is famous for his many incredible net plays. Such as "Tightrope Walking" which A volley where the ball hits the cord and neatly rolls along the top of the net away from the opponent before dropping to the ground; and "Iron Pole Strike" A similar volley to Tightrope Walking, where the ball bounces off the iron pole at the end of the net.

He's playful, laid back, and easy to get along with. A stark contrast most of the rest of his team, apparently he gets away with being this way because he, "Has a lot of guts." He absolutely loves food, but mostly sweets! Candy, cakes, gum, have anything sweet and tasty and he'll likely be not far behind you. He really likes being given things and tends to get others do his work for him (most of the time it's Jackal... poor dude).


#6 Tooyama Kintaro (Kin-chan)

WOW. What a massive ball of energy this kid is! How can that much hyper be packed into someone so small!?

"HEY HEY! Has anyone seen Koshemae? (reffering to Echizen) I wanted to have a match but he's not here! Guess that means I win! HAHA!"

Kin-chan is a 1st Year Regular at Shitenhoji. He is heralded as the, "Super Rookie of the West" and rivals Echizen Ryoma in practically every aspect. He tends to make up really long weird names for his tennis moves, such as "Super Ultra Great Delicious Mountain Storm" His signature technique in which he begins to spin rapidly, like a tornado, then jumps through performing flips and launches himself into the sky and finally performs a smash that's more powerful and dangerous than Ishida Gin's Lvl. 108 Hadōkyū.

He is super friendly and naive; he seems to have almost boundless energy and is almost always having fun. He is also extremely honest, to the point of being extremely rude without actually realizing it. He is also very selfish and will throw a fit if he can't get something he wants. it is often up to his Captain, Shiraishi, to keep him in line. He has some trouble speaking and will mispronounce words and names often.


#7 Niou Masaharu

Look who snuck into the 7th spot! Hm.... I dunno, he looks like he's up to something. >_>;


Niou is a 3rd Year Regular at Rikkaidai. He is known as the Con Artist Of The Courts and is exceptional and deceiving his opponents. He is able to read ten to twenty moves ahead of his opponents and he can copy any players tennis style. (Within his own physical limits)

Niou is just as much of a prankster off the court. He tends to love playing jokes, poking fun at, and throwing other off just for the sheer fun of it. He is, however, unlikely to do any of these things mean spirited. It is all in good fun. He is very good at giving advice, though how much of it is actual advice or not is a true gamble. He has a strange habit of saying, "Puri"", "Piyo", and "Pupina" occasionally. It is unknown whether these are ticks or just something he does for kicks and giggles.


#8 Atobe Keigo

UGH. Look what you've done. Whyyyy?? I both love and hate this character simultaneously! He makes my head hurt! But he had to be on the list, if I didn't put him here... I don't want to think what would have happened if I didn't... ._.

"Only #8, ahn? I should definitely be #1 on this list. Isn't that right, Kabaji?" (Somewhere in the distance an "Usu." can be heard)

Atobe is a Hyoutei 3rd year Regular and reigns supreme as King (AKA: Captain) of the Hyoutei Tennis Club. He is exceptional at his ability to find his opponents weak points and exploit them for the win. This is also known as his, "Insight". He tends to prefer long, drawn out matches to weaken his foes before delivering the finishing blow. His signature move is the "Rondo towards Destruction" Where he uses a smash to knock the opponent’s racket out of their hand, then a second smash to score which they are helpless.

Atobe is extremely narcissistic and arrogant, often using the quote "Be awed at the sight of my prowess!". Despite this, however, he is extremely charming and charismatic. Because of this he is the most popular man in Hyoutei Academy. His entire school often rallies behind him in cheers when he plays matches. He is able to silence them completely with a single snap of his fingers when ever he feels satisfied with the cheers. His family is very wealthy, and tends to have a lot of extravagant things, making Atobe horribly spoiled. He is usually quite generous with his spoils though, not minding to share when asked as he can always get more. He is not a man of words or a pampered diva, however, he will almost always back up any claims he makes and take responsibility for his own actions. Any status he has gained is all thanks to his genuine hard work and talent as an athlete.


#9 Sanada Genichiro

Oh NO! Someone let the fun police onto this list! Oh- wait... it's just Sanada. Sorry, false alarm... kind of. <_<;

"You're all getting soft! Pick up the pace!"

Sanada is a 3rd year Regular at Rikkaidai and the Vice Captain. He is known as the Emperor for his strict discipline and devastating play. He is a head on attacker and rarely plays on the defensive unless he absolutely needs to. He has a set of techniques known as Fu Rin Ka In Zan Rai, each with their own specific ability and weakness to each other. Most noted of these is Rai, a lightning quick strike that breaks a racket's strings when the ball makes contact. When "Rai" hits the ground, it bounces at a right angle to its direction, making it nearly impossible for the opponent to return. The one draw back of this technique is the incredible burden it puts on the users legs.

Sanada is an extremely strict, no-nonsense type of person. He is stricter with himself that he is with others, but this is not often brought into the light of day. He is known to lecture those who are frivolous or lazy quite often. (Lol, poor Akaya) He has a very high sense of responsibility and has made it his job to keep the rest of his team in line. He always aims for the top and is not often pleased with anything less than absolute victory. Sanada does, however, have a strict code of discipline to which he adheres. This has caused him some trouble in the past for taking head on challenges instead of working around them.


#10 Shiraishi Kuranosuke

Well, well. Good thing he's here to keep Kin-chan in line, cause I sure can't! Those bandages seem so much sillier now that I know what's actually under them!


Shiraishi is a 3rd year Regular at Shitenhoji and the team's captain. He is known as The Bible for his "Perfect Tennis", which is said to be the most well rounded style that wastes no energy at all by producing no excess or unnecessary movement, achieving the best results with each shot with very little effort. This is due to Shiraishi mastering all the fundamentals and basics through hard work and gradually being able to shape his form to the point where he can perform strokes without mannerisms or habitual actions that can lessen the use of stamina.

Shiraishi is a generally very kind and hardworking person. He, like the others on his team (besides Zaizen), has a great sense of humor and enjoys telling jokes and gags. He is one of the more down to earth members and is very good at considering many different possibilities when taking actions. He holds himself quite responsible for the well being of his team and can become easily stressed if something goes wrong. He is also the only known person able to placate Kin-chan when he is being difficult. Usually by threat of poison claws, which Kin-chan seems to think he is hiding under his bandages.


Art (c) Me
Prince of Tennis & Characters (c) Konomi Takeshi/ TV Tokyo
Summer Walk by Fire-Girl872
Summer Walk
I'm Shameless... *Sets picture here and hides* Forgive me, I'm so sorry. OTL Okay, sooooo... I usually don't put stuff like this on my DA page. Most of my CannonXOC stuff I keep to myself. I feel much less like an idiot that way. >_>;; There's kind of a reason for this one though.

Ayu was literally made because of Akaya. I liked his character way too much, so I thought he seriously deserved a cute lady friend... and *POOF* Ayu happened. That's not all that there is to her, but that's pretty much how she came into being. So it just felt wrong to now mention him or even have him in a picture with her at some point. I suppose that's not really the best reason to start posting stuff about them now but.... I really wanted to. I mean look, they're so cute! ;n;

I've spent WAY too much time coming up with stories for these two. Just... Shameless... OTL AHEM.... I may eventually go into detail about my head-cannon stories for them, but for now there would be way too much to say and I don't really have time for that. (Otherwise you'd all be subjected to a short novel full of backstory) So lets just go with that these two are adorable, tennis loving dorks for now. Yup.

For more Ayu (Akaya not included), you can go here and here.

Asano Ayu & art (c) Me
Prince of Tennis & Kirihara Akaya (c) Konomi Takeshi/ TV Tokyo
Ayu Chibi by Fire-Girl872
Ayu Chibi
Sooo cute~ <3 In Prince of Tennis they have a lot of times where the characters are all chibi. I've never drawn Ayu as such, so I though I'd do that. The outfit she's wearing is actually Rikkaidai's girls uniform. Never realized before but it totally matches her eyes. She's not a big fan of skirts though so wearing the uniform always makes her feel kinda awkward. She wears black sports shorts under it to make herself feel better. XD

Non chibi Ayu here.

Asano Ayu & art (c) Me
Prince of Tennis (c) Konomi Takeshi/ TV Tokyo
Asano Ayu by Fire-Girl872
Asano Ayu
Been watching (Re-watching for me) Prince of Tennis with a friend. Made me wanna draw Ayu again. My adorable PoT OC.

Ayu is a second year student at Rikkaidai. She's a regular on the girls tennis team, and tends to work a rather fast pace when off the court. She's cheerful and honest, but impatient and somewhat nosey. She's easily influenced emotionally by other people and things around her. She sometimes empathizes too much and can be easy to take advantage of because of it. She loves music and always listens to it right before matches. Her pace and attitude changes drastically depending on what songs she listened to before hand. Her close friends call her Ai-chan.

Older pictures of her are here and here. They definitely don't look as good as this pic does though. Progress.

Asano Ayu & art (c) Me
Prince of Tennis (c) Konomi Takeshi/ TV Tokyo

Reasons for Inactivity

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 12, 2014, 12:22 AM
So I've been fairly inactive for a while. I figure I should mention why. I've recently become employed, Woohoo! So I've been getting a LOT of hours and have not had much time to finish more than a sketch or two at a time. I've got a few free days coming up soon though, so hopefully I'll get something put up here then. Thanks to you guys who watch me for being so patent! <3

On the other end of things I'm pretty darn excited for the new Pokemon games coming out next month. I'm (mostly) patiently waiting for the Demo announcement for North America. Seems like the U.S. and Canada just get snubbed sometimes. *coughcough* pokemon bank launch *coughcough* =w=; Anywho, I'm sure it'll be around soon. So that should be pretty awesome! :D


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