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Neko Atsume by Fire-Girl872
Neko Atsume
Decided to draw some of my favorite kitties from the phone game Neko Atsume. I'm a little too obsessed with this right now. Crazy cat lady flows strongly in my veins.
Genocide Temmie by Fire-Girl872
Genocide Temmie
What would happen if you could actually go through the game as a Tem? And chose genocide? These are questions that should never be answered but here I am drawin them. ;D

I'm getting kyubey flash backs right now. ;u;

Undertale & Temmie (c) Toby Fox & Temmie
Art (c) Me
Undertale - Lazy Bones (Updated) by Fire-Girl872
Undertale - Lazy Bones (Updated)

Edit: Finished it. :)

Took a good thirty minutes and sketched up my favorite lazy bones. ;D

So, I’ve played Undertale once already and was going back again for a completion pacifist run. While playing it, the characters I got the most attached to were Sans and Papyrus. They were just too much fun and both had a lot more to them than what you saw on the surface. Sans was my personal favorite, but really all the characters were great. <3

I highly suggest anyone who hasn’t played this game yet, go do so. It’s very worth it.

Undertale & Sans (c) Toby Fox
Art (c) Me
MLP OC- Almond Daze by Fire-Girl872
MLP OC- Almond Daze
Yes, because I totally need more mlp ocs. (Can't stop, won't stop) I made this guy a few days ago. I really like his personality and design so far. :) I haven't come up with an entire back story for him yet, but I have a few ideas.

------- Profile Info -------

Name: Almond Daze
Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
Species: Pegasus
Hometown: Californeigh
Current Residence: Cloudsdale
Occupation: Idol (Singing, dancing, acting, humor, etc...)
Talent: Charisma

((Ponies who really know him say he has a horrible personality. XD))

Charismatic - Daze is very charming. He stands out and has to do very little to be in the spot light, garnering the attention of those around him. He is considered a natural born leader and someone whom others can look up to.

Friendly - He's pleasant around other ponies, having no problem starting up conversation and being upbeat. He is nice to those he does not know very well, and playful with those he does know.

Deceptive - Daze will change how he acts in order to get what he wants. He has no qualms about misleading ponies to think he's someone he isn't or to get something done. It's a matter of ends justifying the means.

Mischievous - He takes joy from causing trouble or seeing others cause it. He will tease and mess with ponies he is close to or has taken an interest in. This is all in good fun though, never to be taken seriously.

Stubborn - When Daze has decided on something, he will not take it back. Even if he is wrong or it is a bad idea. He is unyielding with his own decisions and believes he should live with whatever consequences come from them.

Clever - He has a sharp wit, and is quick to retaliate against insults or teasing. He is also good at analyzing a situation and figuring out the best course of action. As well as coming up with interesting ideas when prompted.

Secretive - Not only does Daze not like to talk about himself, he is extremely bad at sharing his honest feelings about things. He keeps his private life private. Even some of his closest friends are left out of the loop.

Diligent - When he needs to get something done Daze will always follow through. He doesn't like leaving things half finished and is persistent about putting effort into his endeavors.

Rational - Daze is realistic. He doesn't often question things that happen, but merely accepts them and moves on. In this way he is fairly down to earth and doesn't panic often even when many things go wrong.

Callous - He is not very sympathetic towards the plight of others. This does not mean he won't help them, it just means he can come off as very indifferent when someone has a problem or is upset. This causes others to see him as cold or uncaring.

MLP FIM (c) Hasbro
Almond Daze (c) Me
O wow, guess who's doodling South Park ponies. It's been a while, but I thought I should draw Stan and Kyle without their hats.

I'm still here... Probably

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 2, 2015, 5:05 PM
Lol, wow. Uhhh. Yeah, so I haven't updated my DA in a while. Sorry 'bout that! It's not that I'm not drawing anything, I just don't think much of it is post worthy. XD Either that or it's for more specific non DA related things. BUT. This doesn't mean I've been doing nothing.

I have a personal Tumblr now! :D I mostly just post whatever I feel like, memes, funny gifs, pics, things I feel like saying. Nothing huge. Sometimes I'm funny, but it's hit or miss. So no promises. ;) But if you're bored or feel like following, feel free to do so. I might post art there that won't end up on DA.


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United States
Note: I am a fan of many things. Pokemon, MLP, Prince Of Tennis, Homestuck, Hamtaro, Sonic, Digimon, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, .Hack//, Bleach, South Park, the list goes on. If you do not like some of these things then that is fine, but keep it to yourself. I will put no effort into arguing with people who are trying to troll me, or trying to get me to not like something just because they don't like it. :P

Favorite Quote: "I know there are many more important things than becoming an adult, but I'll be growing up the whole time figuring out what they are."

Current Residence: My room. >> seriously... I rarely leave it...
Favourite genre of music: Rock, J-pop and J-rock
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: SanDisk
Wallpaper of choice: Shadow Wallpaper
Skin of choice: Anything silver or red.
Favourite cartoon character: Too many to choose
Personal Quote: "I know, right?" (I say that ALL the time)

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