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:iconfire-girl872: Current Art Status: :iconfire-girl872:
Requests- Open to close friends and family only
Collabs- Closed
Art Trades- Closed
Commissions- Closed

Please note that my art is not for personal use other than myself or whoever I specify. They're not to be used as bases or edited to make them look different then used by others. This also includes using an image of one of my characters and changing back story and/or personality for someone else's use.

None of my characters, nor the ones I draw for others, are adoptables. If I find someone using them as such they will be warned and reported. If you see someone trying to pass my art off as this then please alert me immediately.

If I find anyone using my artwork as their own without permission and without giving me credit then I will report them.

If you want to use one of my pictures for anything please note me and ask. Whether I say yes or not will depend on what you want it to be used for.



St. Mortiel Outfit Meme- Lefty by Fire-Girl872
St. Mortiel Outfit Meme- Lefty
Sooo, as I'm waiting to see if I even got into St. Mortiel... I got bored and decided to draw more Lefty!

So here he is in some different outfits! Mind you these aren't the only clothes he has. He's actually got quite a lot of outfits. As you can see, Lefty is not at all worried about wearing bright or girly colors. He just kinda assumes most colors look good on him. XD I had a lot of fun drawing these, I think the PJs, Athletic Wear, and Cold Weather ones are my favorites. =w=

Lefty & art (c) Me
St. Mortiel (c) PixelMonozu
Blank App (c) GiveEmTheDee
Eevee & Pokemon (c) Nintendo/GameFreak
Pet Meme- Rudy by Fire-Girl872
Pet Meme- Rudy
So I was mulling over for a while what kind of pet I wanted Lefty to have. After looking through my options I decided that Lotad are adorable and I liked that idea the best for a pet.


✦ Name: Rudy
✦ Pokemon: Lotad (#270)
✦ Type: :iconwatertypeplz:/:icongrasstypeplz:
✦ Gender: Male ♂
✦ Nature: Relaxed/Nods off a lot
✦ Ability: Rain Dish
✦ Moves: Bubble, Absorb, Rest, Sleep Talk

✦ Personality:
Rudy is a very quiet and calm little Lotad. He rarely makes a fuss about anything and is generally slow to get going. He is rare to anger and often ignores or avoids things that bother him. If it cannot be avoided or ignored then he usually just plays dead until the situation has passed. He enjoys laying around, floating in small pools of water, and blowing bubbles into the air. He also likes being held and carried places, often preferring that to walking anywhere. He is perfectly content to sleep most of the day away while Lefty is in class. He is quite sensitive about his master's emotional state and can become anxious or nervous if Lefty is in a bad mood or under the weather. He is also quite clever and able to solve simple puzzles, but is too lazy to do so that often.

✦ Extras:
○ Rudy is quite small. He is about the size of a small box turtle, 6 in/15 cm long and about 4 in/10 cm tall. He weighs about 4 lbs/1.8 kg.
○ He lives in a small aquarium tank in Lefty's dorm room. The tank has half water and half rock/dirt with some small plants in it.
○ Rudy can easily escape from his tank whenever he wants and likes to lay around different places in Lefty's room while he's away.
○ Rudy occasionally crawls into closed in warms spaces to sleep. This includes, but is not limited to, Baskets, bags, boxes, blankets, laundry, jackets, and pillow cases.
○ Rudy is frightened of flying type Pokemon and will play dead if he comes in direct conflict with one.


Rudy, Lefty & art (c) Me
St. Mortiel (c) PixelMonozu
Blank App (c) CherryBuns
Lotad & Pokemon (c) Nintendo/GameFreak
Not sure how many of you guys are interested in Homestuck related stuff, but for those who are I've still got my Troll OC Blog going on Tumblr! Feel free to stop by and ask Meriss questions/pester the crap out of him here. ovo For those who are unfamiliar with Meriss, info on him can be found here.
Blaire the Vulpix by Fire-Girl872
Blaire the Vulpix
Just felt like drawing Pokemon, so I decided to draw my adorable Vulpix from my Alpha Sapphire game! This is Blaire! The collar around her neck is leather and the stone in the center is Eviolite.

Species: Vulpix
Nickname: Blaire
Ability: Drought
Nature: Modest
Characteristic: Mischievous
Held Item: Eviolite
1. Flamethrower
2. Confuse Ray
3. Extrasensory
4. Dark Pulse

Art & Blaire (c) Me
Vulpix & Pokemon (c) Nintendo/Game Freak
St. Mortiel- Lefty by Fire-Girl872
St. Mortiel- Lefty
:iconsparklesplz: :iconstmortiel: :iconsparklesplz:

Edit: Added family related info cause I was bored! :D

HNNNNNGGGG- *dies of heart attack due to over exposure to adorable fluffy* ....... Uhh, yeah anyways! So this is a thing I suddenly decided looked pretty awesome! The character here is actually based off an Eevee Plush I have IRL whose left ear always droops. I named him Lefty because of it, and now here he is in all his teenage glory! My baby grew up!! ;u;





Name: Avery "Lefty" Carter
Age/Birthday: 15/April 17th
Gender: Male ♂
Species: Eevee (#133)
Ability: Adaptability
Nature/Summary Characteristic: Bold/Somewhat Vain
Type: :iconnormaltypeplz:
Height: 5'3"/164 cm
Weight: 136 lbs/62 kg
Dominant Hand: Right
Horoscope: Aries
Blood Type: B
Hometown: Castelia City




Playful [ + ] Relaxed [ + ] Bold [ + ] Friendly [ + ] Clever [ ○ ] Attentive [ ○ ] Flippant [ - ] Vain [ - ] Stubborn [ - ] Gluttonous [ - ]

Lefty is a laid-back going mon, he's pretty playful and care-free. He's quite stubborn about these personality traits as this line of behavior seems to be near impossible to break. He is quite the con artist at getting out of things he doesn't want to do. More often then not he gets someone else to do them, or just skips out all together if it's something he especially doesn't like or isn't interested in. (This does not apply to school work) This usually causes other a lot of trouble since he generally doesn't do what he's supposed to.

He's quite confident in himself, sometimes to the point of sounding arrogant. Though it is not all baseless as he picks up learning things quickly and is generally good at most things he tries. He is not very easily provoked, despite his vanity. He will not hesitate to openly praise himself when he does really well in something. He loves praise and just enjoys being rewarded or given things in general. This especially applies to food; he's quite the crazy eater and tends to get hungry very easily.

Lefty tends to be quite subtle about certain things, since he's clever he's quite good at reading people and reacting accordingly; though his "Accordingly" may not always be the most socially acceptable response, since he enjoys teasing others. He also tends to avoid touchy subjects or things he doesn't want to talk about in the same way.

He can occasionally have a hard time expressing appreciation, admiration or any form of, "positive" feeling towards others earnestly and seriously. He finds it rather embarrassing and has to fight his vanity to do anything of the sort. It is not completely impossible for Lefty to be serious about something or someone, but it is very unlikely. When he does though he tends to be very persistent and throws 110% in. To him, if it was worth it to be serious then he might as well go all out.

From birth the cartilage in his left ear was damaged, making it impossible to stand straight up. This causes him no physical pain or hearing issues, but earned him the nickname, "Lefty" from his grandfather at a young age. He has been using it ever since and seems prefer it more than his real name. Most who know him call him by his nickname.

Lefty grew up in the big city of Castelia with his large family, parents, grandparents, and twins little brothers. His father is the CEO of a rather well known Cruise ship company there, while his mother works as a secretary to a nearby business. His parents large work load left him to be mostly raised by his retired grandparents. When his little brothers came along he was thrilled. During their time growing up he spent more time with his brothers than even his parents did, because of this the three of them get along very well.

Lefty went to a regular school for most of his life, just like any other mon... kind of. He was popular, and was often the center of many things going on. He was on his school's Soccer team, but also dabbled in other sports while he was there. He usually got good grades unless it was a subject he specifically didn't like. He had many mons who called themselves his friends, but had very few he considered real friends to him. When it was announced that he was leaving to go to St. Mortiel there was quite an uproar about it. When asked Lefty stated, "Uh... I remember a bunch of girls I didn't know crying about it and complaining."

Being the oldest, Lefty is expected to take over his father's company, though he, "Couldn't care less." about doing so. This has caused his parents some grief, as he tends to avoid the subject quite expertly. In order to properly groom him for his future position they decided it would be best to send him to St. Mortiel Academy. He took the news in stride, seeing it as a chance for a new adventure and a way to escape from his father's expectations for a while.

Lefty plans to figure out what he actually wants to do with his life while at St. Mortiel. Then thoroughly, and purposely, ruin any chance his father has to make him into a, "Boring business man" by running off to do whatever his future dream job happens to be as soon as he graduates.

Family Status:
Dean- (Father/Raichu) Lefty and his father have a strained relationship. Lefty is very free spirited, while his father is strict and rather unforgiving at times. This causes them to clash harshly when it comes to important decisions, especially regarding Lefty's future. Despite this they still care about each other and will occasionally show this with small acts of kindness. (Aka: Leaving a note, helping with a chore, giving advice, etc..) Though if ever directly confronted about this they will usually deny it.

Laurie- (Mother/Jolteon) She and Lefty are on fairly good terms, but they rarely talk at long length about anything due to one of them often being in the middle of something. Though when Lefty was young they were very close, as he grew older and she became busier they drifted apart a bit. She is still quite supportive but also lectures him often about his bad decisions. Since she is rather outgoing and carefree she gets along with Lefty much better than his father does.

Katherine- (Grandmother/Espeon) Lefty has a good relationship with his grandmother as she helped raise him for most of his life. She is a very friendly and kind lady, with some rather eccentric tenancies. He has spent more time with her and his grandfather than with his real parents. She often scolds Lefty when he misbehaves, but he always takes her advice seriously (or at least more seriously than he usually would). She was opposed to sending Lefty to St. Mortiel at first out of concern for him getting into trouble with no one around to get him to behave.

Johnathan- (Grandfather/Delcatty) He is the man Lefty respects the most and is also the person in his family that he is closest too. He is a very jolly old man who enjoys nothing more than to go on adventures and make general mischief for those around him. He often teases others but always does so with affection, never with the intent to harm. He often tells Lefty stories of how he used to perform on stage in his youth and went on many crazy journeys all over the Unova region. It was his grandfather than inspired Lefty to be most of the way he is today. He also was the one who came up with the nickname, "Lefty".

Andrew and Daniel [Drew & Danny]- (Twin Younger Brothers/Eevee's) Lefty absolutely loves his little brothers, but gets easily annoyed by their crazy antics and clingyness. He often gives them advice that he himself never usually uses but knows is sound advice. This is in hopes that they'll grow up to be respectable adults, instead of being weird like himself. They often harass him while he's busy, follow him around, and steal his snacks; this is mostly just to get his attention. They both very much care about their big brother and were heart broken when they heard that he was going away to St. Mortiel. In light of this he promised them that he would write them a letter once a week while attending school so they knew he was doing fine.




Level: 30

Learn set:
:iconnormaltypeplz: Tackle (Start)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Helping Hand (Start)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Tail Whip (Start)
:icongroundtypeplz: Sand Attack (5)
:iconfairytypeplz: Baby-Doll Eyes (9)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Swift (10)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Quick Attack (13)
:icondarktypeplz: Bite (17)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Refresh (20)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Covet (23)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Take Down (25)
:iconfairytypeplz: Charm (29)

TMs/HMs/Egg Moves/Tutor Moves:
:iconnormaltypeplz: Wish (Egg) [From Father]
:iconnormaltypeplz: Hidden Power [:iconpsychictypeplz:] (TM)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Substitute (TM)
:icongroundtypeplz: Dig (TM)

Note: Growl is not in his learn set because he was born with Wish in it's place.




School Schedule: [3rd grade]

Math- Geometry III
Science- Astronomy
Social Studies- Unova History
World Languages- French III
Language- Speech
Art- Beginning Dancing
Physical Education and Health- P.E. and Health III
Religious Studies

Extra Curricular Activities:
Soccer Team (striker/forward position)
[Aspires to make a Home Economics Club]




Fun Facts:
✦ If you have food, and Lefty knows it, there is a 95% chance he will follow you to get some. It does not matter who or where you are. He will also occasionally steal food from those who are not paying attention.
✦ He does not have a favorite food, he will eat pretty much anything as long as it's cooked properly.
✦ He enjoys reading comics and manga. He has a small collection and will often borrow and trade with friends. He also secretly likes magical girl stories, but will never admit this openly.
✦ Lefty is Heterosexual, but not necessarily interested in relationships. This does not mean he doesn't want one, he just isn't really looking.
✦ The type of girl Lefty likes is fairly simple, ones who will give him food and presents. He likes girls who are sweet, quiet and innocent but that's really more of a secondary concern to him.
✦ His favorite subjects are Art and Battle, while his least favorites are Math and Science.
✦ In his previous school he was very popular and received gifts all the time from fans. He occasionally still gets letters and gifts in the mail from the girls at his previous school.
✦ He is very fond of singing and often listens to light rock and pop music. He has a Karaoke machine at home.
✦ Lefty has absolutely no need or want to evolve. Ever. He decided at a young age that he was going to stay an Eevee for the rest of his live.
✦ He doesn't like wearing restricting clothing. (This includes the school uniform) Since he has a lot of fur around his neck he finds it very difficult to wear shirts with collars and ties. He hates wearing turtle necks the most since they make his neck look lumpy and are usually itchy and uncomfortable.
✦ He is quite athletically driven despite his small size. He enjoys battles and several different sports including Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Bowling, and Basketball; though he's very unsure about persuading one sport over another.
✦ When he was younger he had a dream to be a pastry chef, but later gave up on it after realizing that he would have to sell the food he made, not eat it. Despite this he is still quite skilled at cooking, especially sweets and pastries.
✦ The main reason Lefty wants to make a Home Ec Club is so that he can "taste test" what everyone makes.
✦ He has a secret stash of sweets hidden somewhere in his dorm room. I wonder where it could be...?
✦ The only people who call Lefty by his first name are his parents and his grandmother.
✦ Lefty has a pet Lotad, named Rudy, who he brought with him from home. Rudy can be seen here.
✦ If Lefty was to have an actual voice he would sound like Marui Bunta from Prince of Tennis. If you wanna hear what he sounds like, go to this video. Most of it is in Japanese though, so yeah. XD


Avery "Lefty" Carter & art (c) Me
St. Mortiel (c) PixelMonozu
Blank App (c) CherryBuns
Eevee & Pokemon (c) Nintendo/GameFreak

Reasons for Inactivity

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 12, 2014, 12:22 AM
So I've been fairly inactive for a while. I figure I should mention why. I've recently become employed, Woohoo! So I've been getting a LOT of hours and have not had much time to finish more than a sketch or two at a time. I've got a few free days coming up soon though, so hopefully I'll get something put up here then. Thanks to you guys who watch me for being so patent! <3

On the other end of things I'm pretty darn excited for the new Pokemon games coming out next month. I'm (mostly) patiently waiting for the Demo announcement for North America. Seems like the U.S. and Canada just get snubbed sometimes. *coughcough* pokemon bank launch *coughcough* =w=; Anywho, I'm sure it'll be around soon. So that should be pretty awesome! :D


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