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:iconfire-girl872: Current Art Status: :iconfire-girl872:
Requests- Open to close friends and family only
Collabs- Closed
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Commissions- Closed

Please note that my art is not for personal use other than myself or whoever I specify. They're not to be used as bases or edited to make them look different then used by others. This also includes using an image of one of my characters and changing back story and/or personality for someone else's use.

None of my characters, nor the ones I draw for others, are adoptables. If I find someone using them as such they will be warned and reported. If you see someone trying to pass my art off as this then please alert me immediately.

If I find anyone using my artwork as their own without permission and without giving me credit then I will report them.

If you want to use one of my pictures for anything please note me and ask. Whether I say yes or not will depend on what you want it to be used for.



Dude, I seriously forgot this widget even existed... Weird!
Sat Jan 31, 2015, 10:53 PM
Whaaaat? I can use the :ICON:?! What sorcery is THIS!?
Sat Nov 19, 2011, 8:20 PM
I just felt the need to toot my own horn since you weren't tooting it for me. :iconihateitplz:
Sat Nov 19, 2011, 8:20 PM
So, yes, YOUR WELCOME F-G872 for getting you a 1 yr subscription. My awesomeness knows no bounds. =_=
Sat Nov 19, 2011, 8:17 PM
They need to have a notification for when someone says something in your shoutbox. >A<;
Fri Jun 3, 2011, 6:07 PM


I'm still here... Probably

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 2, 2015, 5:05 PM
Lol, wow. Uhhh. Yeah, so I haven't updated my DA in a while. Sorry 'bout that! It's not that I'm not drawing anything, I just don't think much of it is post worthy. XD Either that or it's for more specific non DA related things. BUT. This doesn't mean I've been doing nothing.

I have a personal Tumblr now! :D I mostly just post whatever I feel like, memes, funny gifs, pics, things I feel like saying. Nothing huge. Sometimes I'm funny, but it's hit or miss. So no promises. ;) But if you're bored or feel like following, feel free to do so. I might post art there that won't end up on DA.

Morning Guitar by Fire-Girl872
Morning Guitar
So lately I've been part of a group on Tumblr that does Rune Factory and Harvest Moon based RP. One of my muses is Vaughn from Islands of Happiness and Sunshine Islands. He's my favorite Harvest Moon character over all, so it's really fun to RP as him.

I always kind of assumed he could play the guitar. After watching a video on you tube about it and talking with Chelsea's mun in our group, I decided I really wanted to draw him playing myself. You can find the video here if you're interested.

For any of those interested in seeing Vaughn's tumblr page you can find it here. Just keep in mind the group is private, meaning that I won't RP with anyone outside the group using this character. I will however answer questions or meme prompts from anyone. So feel free to send Vaughn an ask.

I did use reference for the pose, mostly just to make sure I could get the position correctly while he was holding the guitar. Reference I used is here: Play Me A Love Song-Base.

Art (c) Me
Harvest moon & Vaughn (c) Natsume & Nintendo

Fire-Girl's top 10 Favorite Video Games

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 14, 2015, 6:10 PM
After giving it some thought, I managed to compile a list of my top ten favorite video games. They're from all over the spectrum and probably VERY different from what people are used to seeing on video game lists. Well, sort of... the first few probably aren't. XD Either way, this list is limited to one game per franchise, otherwise it'd be unfair. I'm going to give the game's title a brief summary of it and what I liked about the game(s). Note that these are my favorite, they're probably not the best or most popular games, but they're what I like, so yeah! Sooo, here we go!

10. Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Summary: Skyrim is a continuation of the Elder Scrolls series. In it, you play as the dragon born. A mysterious warrior with the soul of a dragon. You can follow the path set for you by the story or go off adventuring on your own. It's a massive open world game with more quests than most people would ever be able to finish.
Thoughts: Before Skyrim, I had only ever played an Elder Scrolls game once. It was Oblivion and I promptly dropped it after getting lost in an underground cavern and got frustrated with it. I knew nothing of the series. When Skyrim was released I had no clue what to expect. I watched a few people online play it and decided to give it a shot. Boy was I surprised. There was a decent level of character customization and a huge land to roam through and explore. My only misgiving about the game was that the characters always seemed a little.... Flat? Fake? They just never felt interesting to me. Which leads me to number 9 on this list...

9. Dragon Age: Origins

Summary: You are a warrior from one of several different beginnings that you yourself get to chose. A tragedy befalls you one day and you end up joining a group called the gray wardens. They are a group of hand picked warriors chosen to dispel the impending blight from the land. You must gather companions and stop wars as you prepare for the mother of all mosters, the Arch Demon, to appear.
Thoughts: It was this game that caused me to be greatly disappointed in Skyrim. Even though you have a set path and obvious story to follow, the characters in Dragon Age are just so interesting! They feel like real, breathing people. The more you get to know them the more options will open up to you, some that may even be end game changing! As much as I loves the free roaming words of Skyrim, it was the lovable and memorable characters of Dragon Age that won me over in the end.

8. South Park: The Stick of Truth

Summary: You are the new kid who has just moved to South Park. You have been summoned by the grand wizard (Cartman) to partake in their D&D style live action role play game. You go through many trials in order to protect the most precious item in the land, one that can change the fate of all, The Stick of Truth.
Thoughts: Speaking of memorable characters! This game is basically a love letter to all the fans of the South Park show. It is quite literally like playing a long episode of the show with your own character. It was so much fun, and the different choices you make or paths to choose had me coming back to it over and over just to see what was different. I also made it my goal to collect every possible collectable in the game, may it be friends, chinpokomon, or weapons and gear. There were just so many fun things to keep me entertained. And the references to the show were always spot on.

7. Minecraft

Summary: You are a dude stuck in an almost infinite world of blocks. You can craft, build and fight. It's up to you to chose your own path. Have fun.
Thoughts: Initially, Minecraft was interesting, but not great. I enjoyed it but it wasn't one of my favorite games. That was... until I learned about mods. The sheer amount and variations of mods for Minecraft makes it a far more interesting game than ever before. You could be a lone survivor on a desolate island attempting to survive, an adventurer in a fantasy land full of danger and intrigue, or even a pokemon trainer wandering the world to catch them all. The possibilities are almost limitless.

6. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Summary: You are a young person who has just moved to a town where all your neighbors are animals. For some reason they are led to believe that YOU are the towns new mayor! It's up to you to make your town's people happy and do pretty much whatever you feel like with the rest of your time.
Thoughts: I've been playing Animal Crossing since the first installment on the Gamecube, but I must say the new one is surely the best by far. The options are more open to you there's so much more to do and everything is a lot more polished. Everything looks nicer and it's easier than ever to customize your character, home and even your town! I poured way more time into this game than I ever should have making everything the way I wanted and collecting my favorite villagers all in one place. XD

5. .Hack/G.U. Trilogy

Summary: In these games you play as Haseo a newly created character in an MMO video game called, The World. When everything begins to fall apart around him it's up to you to try to bring things back to the way they should be.
Thoughts: I knew a good deal about .Hack even before playing these games. But I actually watched the .hack//roots anime first, which led me to wanting to know the ending to the story, which is continued in this trilogy. I could not pick just one from these three games as they work together to form one cohesive story. Each game as just as important as the others. The wonderful characters and hardships you go through each step of the way only make it that much more satisfying when you reach the end. So many questions that you build up over the course of the games slowly get revealed to you and it's quite a surprise. At least, it was to me. I love the fighting mechanics and how you can switch between weapons. Picking and choosing which members you want to come with you into battle adds a great variety. Though by far the thing I loved the most about this game was how much it FELT like an actual MMORPG. You can even log out of the game to check news feeds, look at forums, or send email on your "desktop" IN the game. It's crazy. You can even respond to posts in the forums to find secret items or unlock new areas. If they made an actual MMO like The World. I would play it in a heart beat.

4. Rune Factory 4

Summary: You are a character who has found themselves in a strange and unknown town with no memory of who you are or why you are there. You are told you're royalty and asked to live in the castle. You play your part as Prince/Princess but there is much more to this town than you think. You'll uncover the secrets and grow closer to the villagers, and together help to save everyone.
Thoughts: Before this I had purposely refrained from playing Rune Factory games, even thought they were touted as "Fantasy Harvest Moon" I was very unpleased to hear that you could not play as a female character. For me, this is a VERY important option in games where it is possible to court other characters. Finally, by chance, I stumbled across this game one day. When I realized you could play as a girl I picked it up and immediately fell in love with it. While they claim it as a fantasy Harvest Moon I actually find the controls, and general player interface to be much easier to work with than Harvest Moon games. The adventure and fighting elements add more excitement and give you something to strive for other than just growing plants and courting people. I probably would have placed this game much higher on the list, but there were three reasons I didn't. First is that I only picked up this game very recently, and have not had a great deal of time to play it. The second and third reasons I'll explain in the next game on the list....

3. Harvest Moon: A New Beginning

Summary: You are a young person who has moved to an almost dead town to begin a life as a farmer. It is your job to rebuild the town and help it flourish like it once did in the past.
Thoughts: The main two reasons this game is higher on the list are simple, 1. Character customization, 2. Multiplayer. In this game you can make YOUR OWN character. This is a first for the franchise and a huge step in the right direction. The Multiplayer, while not very deep, is fun and very profitable. You are able to interact with other players and the animals they have on their farms to get more rare supplies than you would be able to get on your own. The characters, like an Harvest Moon game, are fun and memorable. And in this you are able to completely customize, not only your farm, but your entire town. Move buildings where ever you please and add roads decorations or new shops. Which means that each and every town will be different. I loved these additions to the Harvest Moon franchise and I hope they keep most of them for the next game, Story of Seasons~!

2. Prince of Tennis: Doki Doki Survival

Summary: You and your best friend are on a ship headed to have some fun on spring break. The ship you are riding just happens to be in the use of the Prince of Tennis characters while they are on their way to a training camp for the week. A huge storm causes everyone to abandon ship and you wash up on shore with all the guys, your best friend, but no adults?! Pick you ideal guy and work together with them to find the secrets hidden on the island and search for the missing adults!
Thoughts: If you don't like Prince of Tennis, you probably won't like this game. It's literally a dating game with the characters from the show. There are 44 different characters to chose from in the DS version of the game, meaning you won't be short on options. Each has their own fully voice acted dialogue and different story from the others. It's my guilty pleasure and definitely a game worth checking out if you like dating simulators... though, be warned it's currently not translated into English. So if you don't know Japanese... You're gonna have a bad time.

1. Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green

Summary: You are a ten year old, starting out on your first pokemon adventure in Kanto. You can pick from Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle. Challenge the gyms, eat evil gangs, and level your team up to take the title of champion!
Thoughts: I had a LOT of Pokemon games to pick from. But Fire Red and Leaf Green came out on top. They are the remakes of the original Red, Blue, and Green versions and came to me at a time in my life where I was about to give up on Pokemon entirely. These games reminded me of why I loved the series so much in the first place. They are also, to me, the easiest ones to just pick up and play. The familiar routes and characters give me a feeling of nostalgia like no other, and once I'm done I'm able to transfer my beloved Pokemon to my newest games without a hitch. Also being able to play through generation one as a girl gave it style points for me, since I put a lot of stock into games that give gender options. I have played through both these games more times than any other version of Pokemon I own, and I'm even playing through Leaf Green again as we speak~

That's all for this list, hope you guys enjoyed! Feel free to tell me your favorite video game in the comments! I'm not really a hard core gamer, but I love games and I'm glad I could share my favorites with you guys! :D

Pokemon Trainer OC- Yuko by Fire-Girl872
Pokemon Trainer OC- Yuko
Ahhh, it's been a long time since I've drawn Yuko. She is a Pokemon OC I made about 7 years ago. Was looking through some old art of her, so I felt like redrawing her. Basic design hasn't changed at all. She's also the first OC I ever made that has pink hair! I used to HATE pink when I was younger, I actually quite like it now. XD

Yuko is a Coordinator/trainer from Slateport City in Hoenn. Her first Pokemon was a Meowth (now Persian) named Clyde. She's very athletic and often trains along side her Pokemon. She's energetic, friendly, and enjoys competition. Her favorite Pokemon types are Fire, Fairy and Electric types.

Yuko Gestalt & art (c) Me
Pokemon (c) Nintendo/Game Freak
St. Mortiel Outfit Meme- Lefty by Fire-Girl872
St. Mortiel Outfit Meme- Lefty
Sooo, as I'm waiting to see if I even got into St. Mortiel... I got bored and decided to draw more Lefty!

So here he is in some different outfits! Mind you these aren't the only clothes he has. He's actually got quite a lot of outfits. As you can see, Lefty is not at all worried about wearing bright or girly colors. He just kinda assumes most colors look good on him. XD I had a lot of fun drawing these, I think the PJs, Athletic Wear, and Cold Weather ones are my favorites. =w=

Lefty & art (c) Me
St. Mortiel (c) PixelMonozu
Blank App (c) GiveEmTheDee
Eevee & Pokemon (c) Nintendo/GameFreak

I'm still here... Probably

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 2, 2015, 5:05 PM
Lol, wow. Uhhh. Yeah, so I haven't updated my DA in a while. Sorry 'bout that! It's not that I'm not drawing anything, I just don't think much of it is post worthy. XD Either that or it's for more specific non DA related things. BUT. This doesn't mean I've been doing nothing.

I have a personal Tumblr now! :D I mostly just post whatever I feel like, memes, funny gifs, pics, things I feel like saying. Nothing huge. Sometimes I'm funny, but it's hit or miss. So no promises. ;) But if you're bored or feel like following, feel free to do so. I might post art there that won't end up on DA.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Note: I am a fan of many things. Pokemon, MLP, Prince Of Tennis, Homestuck, Hamtaro, Sonic, Digimon, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, .Hack//, Bleach, South Park, the list goes on. If you do not like some of these things then that is fine, but keep it to yourself. I will put no effort into arguing with people who are trying to troll me, or trying to get me to not like something just because they don't like it. :P

Favorite Quote: "I know there are many more important things than becoming an adult, but I'll be growing up the whole time figuring out what they are."

Current Residence: My room. >> seriously... I rarely leave it...
Favourite genre of music: Rock, J-pop and J-rock
Operating System: Windows 7
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Skin of choice: Anything silver or red.
Favourite cartoon character: Too many to choose
Personal Quote: "I know, right?" (I say that ALL the time)



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